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MIR4 FULL GUIDE BECOME POWERFULL MIR4 PLAYER. MIR4 is the first game made and published by Korean company Wemade Co., Ltd. This MMORPG works like an irreversible token (NFT) game that allows players to not only have fun in the huge open world, but also have fun. Make real money in the process. NFT games are on the rise because of the desire to make money during the hours that players spend playing games. MIR4 distinguishes itself as a generic high-quality MMORPG, even outside of blockchain elements.

Although the success of the MIR4 Explosion took place as an NFT-based MMORPG, we focused more on the gameplay. MIR4 definitely offers a lot of content and features that are especially impressive for beginners in the MMORPG scene and the purpose of the beginner guide is to guide you through a fast and efficient growth and development path.

In any case, MIR4’s revenue base depends not only on time and effort, but also on the energy you collect. To some extent, a strong understanding of all the basic features and mechanics that greet you will increase your ability to move forward and the fast pace of growth and development is always the best way in any MMORPG.

There are many game mechanics to learn in MIR4, especially since they open each one quickly at the beginning of the adventure. Despite its frightening environment, MIR4 is designed to ensure that even all newcomers can improve on their adventure. All of this is thanks to the extensive tutorials you get through each new feature, automatic mode that makes it quick and easy to navigate, assemble and fight enemies, and detailed in-game instructions to verify every aspect of the game. ተጨማሪ ያንብቡ ግምገማ ከማስገባትዎ በፊት ይህን መተግበሪያ መጫን አለብዎት። It is possible to learn with a little effort.

If you are now immersed in MIR4 and are struggling to decide what to focus on first and how to go about it, then we have covered the MIR4 beginner’s guide with tips and strategies. You need to elevate your hero and pass through the adventure quickly and efficiently.


1. MIR4 FULL GUIDE Choose the part that suits you best

First of MIR4 FULL GUIDE in our list is Choose the part that suits you best. The first challenge for every player in any MMORPG is the class selection process. Especially for beginners in the genre, it is often thought that one class is better than the other. To some extent, this is true because each part of the character works differently from the other and has different abilities and talents in nature.

This makes each part of the character unique in its own way. As MIR4 comes with its own unique mix of different types of adventure, one part will definitely be superior to the other.

Considering everything, however, each part is basically created equal to each other so the question of which part is better depends really on the player. Each player naturally has their own preferences and playing style and should be the only basis for choosing the right part for them. Some may prefer to go solitary adventures rather than team games, and some will enjoy PvE content more than the PvP aspect of the journey.

There are players who are challenging, but there are those who prefer to play defensively. MIR4 certainly meets more or less of these preferences in the way each of the 4 character sections is set up.


WARRIOR unit is the most basic character in MIR4 and displays a balanced attacker’s strength and defense. Warriors are very straightforward and very easy to manage and play compared to other characters. They are a good choice for players who want to contribute to DPS without having to risk their lives with good damage results and strong construction fighters. Warriors are also suitable for farming in auto mode, as long mills are sure to survive on their own.

The Sorcerer in MIR4 are not far from the AoE specialists based on the usual magic in other RPGs. Sorcerers are a good choice for players who choose to keep their distance from their enemies while inflicting heavy damage on the team in the process. Witches are supposed to be built for evil, and they fall behind in other parts of survival. Although witches have the ability to wield shields, in battle situations, especially in solitary adventures, players require more hunting techniques and tactics to survive more challenging battles.

The Taoists are a special unit that combines short-range combat skills with healing and support. Like sorcerers, the Taoists directed them to have excellent attacking skills, but to have low defenses. The big difference is that, as long as there is destruction, the Taoists are a small group of fighters and they are close to their target and are more likely to inflict heavy casualties. At the same time, Taoists can become members of any party by providing health care and other support skills.

Last but not least, Lance. At first glance, Lancers can be seen as very similar to Warriors, who carry out minor attacks and have strong defensive properties. Significant differences are compared to the fighter’s laser distance, but given the overall statistics and skill set, the lenses are built for defense rather than for warriors. Warriors can do more damage than Lance, but Lansers have the ability to provide combat and public control. Lancers find it even more challenging in PvE environments, but they stand out in PvP combat.

And lastly is Arbalist. Similar to a marskman by using arrows, this job or class is a ranged attack type. Not much different from Sorcerer or Taoist, this job has a defense that is not that great. However, it has its own advantages, namely being able to issue a spell that can stun the enemy and the spell increases attack speed and so does its strength. Don’t underestimate this job, if you use another job against this job with the same lvl, maybe you will be overwhelmed with it.

2. MIR4 FULL GUIDE Prioritize progress in major missions

MIR4 allows players to get the most out of a major campaign before they become familiar with the game’s many features and game modes. The line between the end of the lesson and the beginning of your true adventure is not always easy, as you will always feel the need for help during the first part of your journey. The automotive mode in MIR4 allows you to perform missions with the click of a button, making it quick and convenient for even beginners to progress through the adventure.

The main purpose of the mission can be easily seen on the right side of your screen. Especially at the beginning of the adventure, the main objectives are not all related to war and some objectives require you to easily travel to certain areas, talk to some NPCs or do some assembly work. Basically, the main missions mainly introduce you to it and introduce you to all the basic features and mechanics of the game.

At the end of the main missions you will be rewarded with rewards and EXP not only as a basic resource to continue the basic improvements and improvements you want, but also to enhance and strengthen your character. EXP and some basic inputs can be obtained from farms and farms, and there may be many opportunities to do so, but the amount of EXP you get from killing monsters is very small and insignificant compared to your completion. Missions.

The most important reason to put the main missions first is to improve through them is the key to unlocking the rest of the features in MIR4. There are certain activities that come with limitations every day and participating in these activities is a natural part of daily activities. Being able to access them as soon as possible means more opportunities to get more EXP and resources.

There are basically 2 reasons to keep the core of the mission going. The natural consequence of the first crisis is that it prevents you from moving forward, at which point you need to engage in all activities and grow in power before pursuing major goals. Another is to do daily activities during the day.

3. Do not hesitate to make improvements

Earn EXP and instantly increase your character stats and combat power on new levels, there are many ways and means in MIR4 to increase your hero’s strength. This is directly related to the main missions process as some features that may link to your character development may be unlocked after completing some campaign phase queries.

Each open feature comes with a simple but intuitive tutorial. To view the main menu, there are a number of icons that are directly related to the enhancement of your “+” icon feature in the upper right corner.

You will notice that tapping some icons reveals additional options below it, such as a “character” icon, which can lead you to tools, magic stones, clothing, and mountain. The tools will actually lead to your collection, which will hold more than your actual gear. Gears may be available as well but existing gears can be made. Once a better gear is available, they will equip you quickly, even during the adventure. If not, looking into your collection will show you a better feature.

Magic stones work to some extent as a garrison but ultimately lead to a more custom build of your character. Magic stones come in a variety of colors that offer a variety of statistical bonuses and also follow an unusual scale that determines the difficulty of finding and the potential for results.

Clothes or leathers were usually made only for aesthetics but MIR4 outfits have a statistical effect on your character. You cannot expect any MMORPG to be fully integrated into MIR4.

You can expect that every character in MIR4 will have an abundance of unique abilities, and some may take some time to approach them, but the ability to develop them comes at the beginning of the adventure. Skills only require energy and skill to advance to the next level, and one important point to consider is to focus on which skill to prioritize first.

As the capacity level increases, you can expect costs to increase, allowing you to spread the word far and wide. It is better to improve your skills than others, as it can be challenging to gather the necessary resources, especially skill towers.

Traveling and Adventuring You Don’t Have to Be Alone MIR4 gives you the spirit to be partners in your journey. Improvements in the adventure allow you to deploy up to 5 different spirits at once, making it a great incentive to gather as much as you can.

The spirits have rare levels that determine the practical impulses they give, and the lower part combines the spirit stones and gives you a higher level. In addition to the statistical enrichment effect in each spirit, you can equip them with treasures that add additional statistical value. The higher spirits have many treasures of wealth and cannot bring a treasure once armed.

There are additional statistical incentives that your behavior can receive through training, which is divided between the Constitution and internal powers. The amendment to the constitution focuses on special statistics and gives you a decision on which statistics to prioritize when the resources are the same.


However, there are a number of steps that must be taken before each additional step can lead to a more balanced upgrade process. If you have lost a certain input, always tap it and check the source. Yin Pills and Yang Pills are an important resource that you will need a lot to improve your character stats with the help of internal energy.

4. MIR4 FULL GUIDE Take on missions and request

It may take a while before you feel the need to intensify your pursuit of the ultimate mission. One of the clearest signs of this is when you encounter enemies higher than you. Note that there are EXP penalties if your behavior is lost and the 5% EXP drop is severe. Instead of advancing to the major mission challenges in your current state, you can choose missions and queries to earn more EXP and reach new levels, as well as additional resources to improve further character.

To say that MIR4 offers multiple missions to players is really an understatement because the list of missions you have to open and take seems endless. Reaching certain chapters in the main campaign opens up additional missions. There are field missions, elite missions, laboratory missions, and valley missions. Some missions can only be completed once, and some missions can be repeated 3 times a day.

Repeated missions should be given priority every day because failure to meet the 30-mission limit for repeated missions means missed opportunities to earn extra rewards. Since each mission comes with a different set of rewards, it is important to determine which of the recurring missions you want to pursue before choosing a form.

One of the best features of MIR4 for players is the AutoCAD mode. You can choose to follow any of the 10 missions at once and make your character successful with each other. You simply need to accept the mission and then click the “Auto-play” button at the top of the mission page.

In the Auto-Mission window you can check the box at the top left to choose to automatically track all assigned missions. You can also sort the order in which the missions are completed and claim rewards as soon as the mission is completed.

Queries also act as missions but cannot be presented in auto mode. They are still simple and convenient to follow their assigned auto route, car battle and self-assembly. Clues are a prerequisite for accepting questions and are fundamentally manifested in the development of history. But to see the mission requirements and mission conditions, you need to see if there are any.

5. Join Clan as soon as you can

MIR4 FULL GUIDE next is Join Clan as soon as you can. Groups, coalitions, factions, and other similar associations have become an integral part of most online games. Although it serves primarily as an extension of the social aspects of the virtual world, the concept of tribes has grown exponentially, which has become an optional feature for the player’s overall growth and development. While most game genres have tribal or guild characteristics, the value of the tribal system is very important in RPGs and strategy games.

MIR4 offers many activities to engage on your own and while some players may choose to go on missions alone, MIR4 is an MMORPG and offers many ways for players to go on an adventure with others. One of the first things you will see before entering the game is that MIR4 restricts access to each server.

At the same time, if you do not see a server being tagged as full, it is too busy instead. This recurrence can be further confirmed when you enter the world of MIR4 because the map of the world, despite its Hercules size, is not difficult to be alone.

Killing monsters can be challenging if there are many players hunting for the same monster. You must not forget that there are some missions that are very difficult for any single player to kill alone. In these cases, membership in the party is a great help, and while you can easily join one of the random players you encounter, playing with tribal members and friends provides a much more effective purpose.

Once the tribal system is available to you, you can create your own tribe or join an existing tribe. For beginners, we recommend that you look for an active tribe to join first, especially if you are new to MMORPGs and have tribal features in MIR4. Creating and leading your own tribe requires a lot of hard work and even a dedicated member of the tribe has some things to do for your tribe.

There are definitely many benefits to being a member of MIR4. In fact, it is difficult to reach everyone unless you have recently become involved in a particular ethnic group. Above all, you need to make a continuous contribution to your tribe and ensure its efforts to ensure sustainable development. Any improvement in ethnicity means benefits for each member, so if you are running to become a strong player in MIR4, you should definitely join an active ethnic group and participate in as many ethnic activities as you can.

6. MIR4 FULL GUIDE Take time to collect resources

The essence of each MMORPG’s adventure is largely, if not entirely, focused on action and combat. In fact, MIR4, like most modern RPGs, not only has a lot of monsters and bosses, but also a huge collection of activities that other players offer in various battles. Battlefield is primarily a measure of character value and is a measure by which players scream to further enhance their fighting strength.

MIR4 is an integral part of how you can improve in the world, but fighting and participating in various wars does not fully cover the activities you want to participate in.

Even at the beginning of the adventure, they become familiar with various harvesting techniques, including harvesting and mining. There are many places around the map where you can develop resources, and this should be an important indication of how limited resources are available over time.

There are a variety of resources that can be collected and each one can be sold as a production material or for marketing rather than just for copper. These inputs also have different rare stages.

Manufacturing of various gears can be a major source of gold for the market. If you are tired of fighting in the afterlife and want to spend more time in the hustle and bustle, you definitely need to be involved in gathering and shopping.

7. MIR4 FULL GUIDE Track achievements for more rewards.

Last for MIR4 FULL GUIDE is Track achievements for more rewards. MIR4 is indeed a great adventure that offers a lot of content and features to its players. Plenty of features make it important for players to farm and grind, especially after making improvements and upgrades.

There are many resources for completing missions and missions. In addition, there are direct ways to collect some of the resources needed for collection and mining. Participating in all of these activities is not enough, especially considering your heroic needs.

Fortunately, MIR4 includes daily practice and success systems to reward active players. Basically, these extra jobs are not the same as extra work or hours. On the contrary, the objectives set out in the actions and achievements are directly related to the normal activities in which they should be engaged, but rather serve as a guide to daily and long-term improvement.

Daily activities open in Step 20, which is very easy to reach on your first day if you play enough, even in auto mode. The goals outlined in your daily routine are simple and straightforward, and you can even achieve some goals without knowing what the goals are. Each successful goal earns you direct rewards and completes 5 and 10 tasks per day as well as chest rewards.

Achievements, on the other hand, form different chapters that cover your overall adventure and reflect your overall progress in the game. Some success goals are easy to achieve, while others take some time. Success targets are basically divided into adventure, improvement and challenging goals.

Do not be intimidated by some target numbers, especially large ones. Natural growth motivates you to accomplish each goal. It helps to see the list of goals, especially if you are shouting for certain prizes. Similarly, some targets may serve as a reminder that you may miss important aspects of the game.

MIR4 certainly has a lot to offer for every adventurer but now we will summarize our beginner’s guide. Although there are many features and content that we do not include in this guide, we are sure that the tips and tricks mentioned here will give you a better idea of ​​what to do next in the adventure. If you have spent many hours in MIR4 and stumbled upon something we missed, welcome to share your thoughts and experiences below!


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