List of countries with the fastest 5G internet

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List of countries with the fastest 5G internet
List of countries with the fastest 5G internet

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In the latest report, OpenSignal has done some interesting research on the use of 5G networks worldwide under the title Benchmarking the Global 5G Experience.

This study summarizes the speed of 5G usage in different countries, and provides interesting facts about the extent of 5G application and its impact on mobile phone users.

In the report, the Open Signal noted that Southeast and East Asian countries have good representation in many sectors, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines.

List of countries with the fastest 5G internet

For South Korea has overtaken Norway (355.3Mbps) and Taiwan (320Mbps) with an average 5G download speed of 423.8 Mbps. With an average speed of 41.9 megabytes, Norway itself is one of the top 5G uploads. Then came Taiwan, second only to Norway.

List of countries with the fastest 5G internet

Although it does not occupy the top spot, South Korea has a 5G installation speed which is ninth in the world. In addition, South Korea’s 5G market for the 5G gaming experience scored 91.2 out of 100 points and 84.6 for the 5G Voice app.

For the 5G video experience, Singapore and Hong Kong, which scored 80.8 points, are the two outside markets of Europe with 80.3 points. Singapore holds the 14th highest in content with 5G gaming experience, 12th for 5G voice app experience and 5G video experience.

OpenSignal considers this a success because Singapore is known to be facing 5G spectrum tests and the 5G spectrum capacity there is said to be limited. Other Southeast Asian countries, such as the Philippines, also have quieter 5G download speeds, averaging 9.8 times faster than 4G.

In the Philippines, services such as mobile video streaming are gaining 5G video experience over 34% of 4G users. Don’t forget, Thailand ranks third in 5G video streaming with 5.5 times faster and 25% better with 5G download speed.

Meanwhile, in the European market, Norway has an average 5G download speed of 355.3Mbps, ahead of Sweden’s 291.3Mbps and Finland’s 208.6Mbps. It then has an average of 5G upload speeds of 15 for 12 European markets, including early 5G launch markets such as Switzerland (4th) and Germany (14th).

European Market Services First, Sweden’s 83 points highlight the 5G video experience represented in Sweden. The five European 5G markets include France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Germany ranks 9th in 5G experience

OpenSignal’s findings also show that 5G is growing globally. Big market countries such as Saudi Arabia are the eighth largest in terms of 5G supply and 5G coverage. Next, the United States will be the 6th and 4th place for 5G coverage for 5G supply. Australia is next in 14th place for 5G coverage.