How To Leveling Fast MIR4

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UNLOCK4GAMES – How To Leveling Fast MIR4

MIR4 is a new MMORPG developed by Dev on WeMade. Nearly two decades after the release of the first Mir 3 legend, the team decides what to do with the ever-expanding mobile platform. ?

How To Leveling Fast MIR4
How To Leveling Fast MIR4

MIR4 could not have come at a better time, as mobile games would have at least the graphics gap between PC and console partners. This new mobile MMORPG looks amazing, featuring detailed characters, models and awesome animations. The current action battles look like something out of the movie, and it looks amazing, especially if you’re playing in high graphics settings.

In addition to views, MIR4 is a standard mobile MMORPG focused on combat. This means that if you play other similar games on this platform, you know what this game offers. However, if you are completely new, we encourage you to look at our beginner’s guide to share some good tips for newcomers. By the way, here are a few more MIR4 tips and tricks to help you accelerate your progress with this new mobile MMORPG if you read that and still need more advice.

How To Leveling Fast MIR4

Finish All the mission.

You have to do something for sure. In addition to getting EXP you can get things like copper or copper, energy and other useful things. Later, you can complete many missions, including the main mission you received from the beginning, side missions, missions from four different missions and even Request missions.

Side missions become daily missions, and you can choose which missions to receive and complete. All missions reward you with EXP and copper. You can use this copper to buy a pot for roasting during the harvest.

There will be many daily missions for you, so choose at least ten missions to increase your character level. Activate the automatic mission after step 15, use this system when you are busy, you can get extra EXP when you are not playing MIR4.

How To Leveling Fast MIR4 with Activate automatic mission

This system has many benefits when you are busy and still want to get EXP. When you go to AFK (away from the keyboard) you can enable automatic warfare.

Make sure you have an impact factor that can increase your EXP revenue percentage when using automatic warfare. Awakening effect has a time limit, if it is over, you can replenish it using Vigor pills. If you have already registered the game, MIR4 will give you ten Vigor pills that give you strength for 60 minutes. You can open the Vigor effect by clicking the EXP in the lower left corner of your screen.

Improving the quality of the armor/equipment

The better the quality of your equipment, the better your chances of defeating monsters. You can melt your existing device to make the result better.

Also, improve your behavior to make the damage worse. With a big injury, you can not only defeat the monsters, but in some cases you can protect yourself from other players who are trying to defeat you.

When your character already has enough stats, it is not difficult to make a Farm EXP for sure because you can defeat many monsters, especially in Magic Square.

Visit the MagicSquare

You can find this place on the portal in the menu section. This magic square system is similar to the tower, if you can defeat all the monsters in one floor, you can go to the next floor and give some items, including the really won Monster EXP.

Before entering the Magic Square, you can purchase items of interest while in the Magic Square so that your character is not easily defeated. There are also some very important solutions for people who choose a character with a witch class. Buy these items with the copper you collected.

Invite other players to join the party or join the party so you can defeat the monsters. If you receive a drop from a fallen monster, you must open it quickly because other players may get tired after a while.

Psst, if you want an easy way to defeat many monsters at once, turn around for a while to attract the monsters, do it until the monsters work in a close line and kill them in a short time.


Levels are a very important part of this MMORPG game because there are missions that cannot be done before you reach a certain level. You can do all of the above to easily improve your behavior in MIR4. The higher your level, the more things you can do in MIR4 can add character stats, such as opening ghost spaces.

Do you want to play MIR4 at the same time to do other things on your mobile phone? You can download this game to your computer or laptop to watch the game and you can do other things without disturbing your mobile phone.


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