Easy Ways to Farming Darkstell MIR4

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Easy Ways to Farming Darkstell MIR4
Easy Ways to Farming Darkstell MIR4

UNLOCK4GAMES – Easy Ways to Farming Darkstell MIR4

Mir4 is known as an NFT game, where players can earn crypto currency just by playing. And many people are looking for Darkstell which can later be exchanged for a coin called DRACO.

DRACO coins can be converted into cryptocurrencies. However, to collect darkstell it takes a little effort, one of which is playing games and carrying out missions.

Easy Ways to Farm Darkstell MIR4
Easy Ways to Farming Darkstell MIR4

If all of you are hunting for Darkstell and want to know an easy way to get Darkstell, try the following tips.

Easy Ways to Farming Darkstell MIR4

There are about 5 ways to get more or less black metal. One of the easiest is live mining. And the higher the level of your character, the higher the dark metal reward. Please see the following method for more details.

1. Doing missions

There are daily missions that you can find, choose the one that gives you a gift in the form of darkstell. This mission keeps appearing every day, so it never ends. For that don’t forget to pick it up and complete the mission.

Even sometimes this mission will appear suddenly, for example you don’t have to wait a day to be able to do it again. Therefore, as a suggestion, please check the Missions section occasionally to see if it is available or not.

2. Darksteel Mining in Bicheon Valley

When the player reaches level 20, the system will open the Bicheon Valley map and the player can head there to farm darkstell. To go there, please click the top right corner and open the world map first.

Then select Bicheon Area then select Bicheon Valley. Then click the meeting and quarrying place and select the mine area to access the mine.

3. Easy Ways to Farming Darkstell MIR4 by doing daily activities.

Similar to carrying out missions, you can only claim the reward once a day. You need to do a lot of work before you can get Darkstell.

And the type of task required sometimes is not difficult, you just need to upgrade or upgrade something. But sometimes the mission has to defeat the monsters. Of course, the higher the level of the player, the more difficult it is to complete the task.

4. Find Darksteel in Magic Square

Another Darkstell farming place is the Magic Square. Basically this position is open when the player reaches level 24. And to find it, please click the Portal menu and select Magic Square. To go there, you will need a special ticket. And this ticket will be available max 2 seeds and will be refreshed every day. So don’t forget to use it every day.

Mining is only available in the Darksteel Chamber. And players are only given 30 minutes to get there. So look for blackstell as much as possible once in the chamber. Oh yes, to switch to this Chamber, players only need to warp and this is random. So you can immediately find the chamber, it could also take several warps.

5. Unlock achievements

In every achievement of an achievement, players have the opportunity to get darkstell. This is also similar to doing missions, but the dark metal gain is not very high and is around 600 to 2000.

As long as you keep playing and complete a lot of missions, you will usually achieve this success instantly.

Finding blackstell in the Mir4 game can be done in many ways. Doing missions, live mining, etc. Of course there are many ways to speed up the process of finding this dark metal, and they will be shared in the next article.

That was the Easy Way of Farming Darkstell MIR4. Hopefully useful and good luck.


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